Viral Marketing Success

If your goal is to promote your business online there is no better method than viral marketing. If done correctly, it's one of the most cost effective forms of advertising you can do and here we will define what it is and look at two mediums you can create a viral marketing campaign in and get highly targeted leads.

Viral Marketing Defined

Viral marketing, derives its name from the word virus and alludes to how quickly a viruses can spread when users pass it on. In terms of a virus, most people pass it on without knowing they are doing so, in the terms of viral marketing, you want them to pass it on and if they do, you will gain a huge amount of traffic as your message spreads across the internet.

Of course you need to make your viral marketing strategy interesting or have value, so people WANT to pass it on. If done correctly, your viral marketing campaign will soon start to spread like a virus, people will want to see it, and when they do, they all want to share it, giving your site a huge amount of traffic.

Creating a Free Give-away with High Perceived Value

The free give away model always works. If people like the free product you are offering, they’ll want share it with others and this will generate interest in your business and free E books are an excellent viral marketing tool.

For instance, if your business focuses on selling a diet product publish a post which offers a free Ebook on how to lose weight fast. Make the Ebook available on your site and have a link in it to a weight loss product your selling and also, have it on the page where people download your Ebook. If your material is well written and presented people will have the confidence to visit the product you are recommending.

Social Bookmarking as a Viral Marketing Tool

Social bookmarking works to market your business in a viral manner because these sites encourage the sharing of content. Readers who enjoy your content will rate it and add it to their list of favourite bookmarks where others can view it and so your message spreads.

Not only does social bookmarking drive quality traffic to your site, it increases your sites presence in search engines through the increased number of visitors who will find your site due to SEO and viral marketing results.

Article Marketing as a Viral Marketing Tool

A very successful strategy is to use articles and provide educational material to article directories. Readers will come and read them and website owners looking for content, will come and publish them (keeping the link back to your site) which will help spread your articles virally.

A typical article is longer than an insert in a social book marking site and is normally between 400 – 600 words. This gives you plenty of room to show yourself off as an expert in your field and if after reading an article, the user clicks through to your site, it represents one of the hottest leads you can get.

There will always be plenty of people wanting information, especially if it's informative and free! If you do decide to publish articles, you need to make sure them theme is in line with your website and while you are not advertising in the article, you will want them to eventually buy from your site and you are using your article to warm them up for closing.

Article marketing has been around for a long time but its still highly effective as a viral marketing tool and articles can produce you a stream of quality leads for years.

Our Services - Using Article and Web 2.0 Marketing for Traffic Generation

The above is just two examples, of marketing ideas anyone can use, to create a viral marketing strategy for success. We have over 500 social book marking sites we insert to and over 200 article directories and can organize your campaign from start to finish. We can take care of both writing and distribution and give you a stream of hot leads which can increase your traffic and your profits.

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