Viral Marketing Strategies

Internet viral marketing describes a strategy which encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for explosive growth in the message's exposure online. Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to many thousands or in some cases millions of people online

Our internet viral marketing methods are based around creating an ete catching advert for your product or service and then, inserting it in information sites around the the web which have millions of potential readers and looking for them, to spread the message virally and we normally target two specific areas on the web to do this.

Social Networking Sites

Social bookmarking is one of the fastest acting SEO options currently available, these sites have millions of visitors per day and many of them will be looking for your product or service and if the right message is inserted into them, these sites can produce huge amounts of traffic and also improve your search engine rankings.

We submit your website to social bookmarking sites such as stumble upon digg, delicious, etc., helping you spread the word about your content. You'll normally get some traffic instantly from people interested in your site (and a lot more if your site becomes popular among users on social networks, as they vote for your advert).Not only will you get traffic from the sites Within a week or so, most of these links will already start to have some effect on your own sites rankings and within a month should have some effect on your search terms.

We monitor over 500 social bookmarking sites and insert your adverts into the ones which have the best potential to draw traffic to your site and also, improve your search terms for even more traffic at the same time.

Article Directories

These have been around for years and give authors, an opportunity to write on any subject and provide useful information to readers and these articles are also free to re print and this means if the quality of the article is good and the content is topical it has the potential to spread virally across the net and expand the number of viewers. We are one of the biggest article writing companies on the net - we distribute thousands of keyword articles annually. Here is the process we use to spread your material.

We write the articles using specific keywords – then we distribute the articles to numerous article download sites. These sites have millions of visitors. The articles attract these visitors off the article download sites through the live hypertext link to our client’s site – every article carries at least one of these links. As the articles are free to use as content on websites and in newsletters, people take the articles and place them on their own web site which increases the potential number of readers and visitors to your site. This is a very cost effective long term strategy, as articles bring visitors to your web site for several years.

We currently have a list of over 200 article directories and have found this strategy, to be one of the cheapest and most cost effective of all viral marketing strategies.

Viral Marketing Strategies which are Proven to Generate Hot Leads

The key to the success of a viral marketing campaign is to produce information which is either useful or topical and encourages readers to spread the word about the information to others. We have the experience to present the right message in the right way to maximise your internet viral marketing campaign.

Not only will you get quality traffic from the sites we insert into, you will also increase your sites presence online at the same time. Furthermore, if the message spreads virally you can expect a huge amount of “hot names” arriving at your site for more sales and bigger bottom line profits.

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