Social Networking

Everyone who has a website or blog should know about social media and bookmarking sites. If you don’t, it’s a great traffic generating opportunity and one you need to us. Gaining exposure for your website is the key to making money and you want to get your site in front of as many interested people as you can and there is no better way of doing this than targeting social networks

Social bookmarking is a great way to gain great exposure for your website of course - targeted traffic. The big social bookmarking sites are visited by millions of users each day and if you have the right message to divert users to your website, not only can you draw traffic from them, you can also get them to pass you message on and vote for it, so they are virally spreading information about your site to other users.

The Key to Social Networking Success

To benefit from social bookmarking you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Your post should NOT be an advert for your site or product instead, it should promote interesting and topical information related to your site or product which viewers will want to read about.

  • The golden rule when posting your bookmark is to provide a catchy headline if you want to draw maximum traffic. It's common mistake that a poster has excellent content but doesn't draw the type of traffic from social bookmarking there site deserves, for the simple reason it did not have an attention grabbing headline.

  • When people come to your site make to get the download you want them to spread the word so add a social book marking button so they can do so and don't miss the chance to get them to join your list for further updates. While your giveaway should be free and without restricted access, if people do like it they will have the confidence to join your mailing list and this will give you an opportunity to keep in touch with them and eventually sell to them.

Using Social networks to get traffic doesn't have to be hard, you just need to present valuable information people will like and will want to share with others. Viral Marketing on social network sites provides both the user with valuable information which they want to pass on and at the same time, provides your site with free advertising.

Our Social Net Working Service

We can create your copy for social networking sites, help construct your landing page, as well as inserting you bookmarks in the best social networking sites.

We monitor over 500 Social network sites and can insert your message in the best ones for your service to draw you traffic as well as, improve your sites search engine rankings at the same time, by increasing the link count to your site.

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