Over 85% of all Internet traffic flows through search engines. Millions of Internet users are on the Web now locating businesses and information via search engines - of course, if their not finding you they're finding your competition. Traffic that comes to your site via searches represents the best leads you can get. Many people build beautiful websites and think if they build a website that's good, search engines will send them traffic but this doesn't happen.

In pure simple terms, Google and other major search engines, rank your site by popularity and the number of sites who link to you, these links act as “a vote” for your sites content and the more quality sites and links you have, the higher you are likely to be rate in the search engines.

Our marketing strategies are designed to generate you quality links and are positioned on keywords and information sites where people are searching for your service. Because they're seeking you out - They're not responding to an ad - they're looking for a product or service like yours - and they're prepared to deal with the first company that fits their criteria.

The Best Leads are those that Search for You!

There is no quicker and easier sell, than a lead that has searched and found you.

Competition is intense on search engines, but those websites that can capture these "hot" leads will see a dramatic increase in conversions and bottom line profits.

A lead that comes to you without being prompted by an ad or mailing, is the "hottest" lead you can get.

How do you get these "Hot" Leads?

There are two methods:

Targeting Keywords for Traffic

With the sheer volume of websites on the Internet, the more specific the product or service you’re offering on your website is, then the less competition you will have.

For example, if you target the search phrase "Plasma screens", you’re fighting more websites for the top rankings, than if you targeted the search phrase "42 black plasma screens". Your conversions will also be much higher, as you’re now dealing with visitors who already know exactly what they want – they’re now looking for a supplier! Our aim is to target these niche keywords to get you top rankings.

Targeting Social Networks for Traffic

The web is a place where people share information so why not share information about your product service or industry?

Social network sites already have a large viewing audience that you can tap into - and you can simply dangle information in front of the people who frequent these sites - and siphon off traffic to your own site.

We do this by the production of quality key worded material on your product or service and place it in front of readers who are interested.

We also produce and distribute:

Keyword Articles, Blogs, Pod casts and Video Clips, to attract visitors from these high traffic websites.

Viral Marketing – Spreading Your Traffic to a Wider Audience

Not only will the above methods get you direct traffic from the sites that host your material - other site owners looking for quality content will re-use your material and publish it on their own website (complete with a live hyper link back to your site) so your content will virally spread, producing even more traffic.

This creates an ever-growing lead flow to your site that lasts for years.

Depending on your product or service - and the competition in your market sector, we can advice you on which methods are best for you. Read More on Viral Marketing Strategies

Lead Generation Websites

Many people build sites which are not geared to getting traffic from search engines – They choose a poor domain name and content levels are low and not targeted correctly. We can build collector sites which are build around a keyword rich domain which has pages with content designed to target search phrases. We will then send quality links back to the site which will not only send the site traffic, they will get the site ranked quickly on its search terms and keywords to bring you additional traffic from search engines.

Get a Free Lead Generation Site!

We can build you a Free Collector site and all you need to do is pay for the linking – for more information on this service Click Here

We Produce MILLIONS of Hits Annually With the above Strategies

You CAN get free traffic off the web - and the above are time proven methods that we use every day. We’ve produced millions of website visitors, for our client’s websites, using this extremely cost effective strategy of virally distributed information - so we know it works!

Therefore, regardless of your budget, contact us today and we’ll advise you on how to get highly targeted website visitors that convert into sales.

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