Building Websites for Traffic Generation

Here we will give a brief overview of how to build a site which for increased traffic generation and ease of use for better closing and sales.

The Domain Name is Important

Search engines place weight on the domains name and it's best to name it on a search term which takes traffic, by all means have another domain on your company name but for web marketing – its a search term. For example, the domain you are on is a well searched term and we are on the front page of this term which draws us traffic. If you have the domain name on the search term, if you get quality links to your site, you will soon capture the term.

Name Your Pages on Search Terms

Have as many pages as you can named on search terms related to your main theme and again with good quality links pointing to them, you will stand a good chance of placing highly in web searches.

Content is King

Good content is a must and the more content you have, the better the chances your site will have in the search engines. A big site will always tend to beat a small site and in addition, you should update your content and add to it frequently, because -active site will tend to do better in the search terms than one which is never updated.

In terms of updating your site – add a blog and RSS feeds, to keep visitors coming back to your site and to spread your information across the net – You simply can't have enough content and adding to your site at least weekly, will pay dividends long term, giving you an increase in search terms and in traffic and also, getting visitors to return after their initial visit.

Have a Clean Front Page with Benefits

When visitors come to a site always remember - there looking for what's in it for them!

Make sure you unique selling points and benefits of your service are clearly presented on the front page and make it easy for the user to find out more. You want them off the front page and you want them to either find out more about what you have to offer or buy your product or service; focus them on doing this, as soon as they land on your site.

Build an In House Mailing List

Not every user is going to buy straight away when they visit your site. In light of this, you know there interested in the field you are in so let them join your mailing list, by offering them a free newsletter or ebook, related to your service or product your selling. You will stay in contact with them, build trust and confidence which eventually will result in more sales.

Promoting Your Site

If you have followed the above the next thing to do is to get your site traffic and that means link building. The more links you have from quality sites the better your site is likely to perform in search engines and we have covered this in other areas of the site but a few points you need to keep in mind are:

Many people simply want links to the home page and this is of course important but also make sure you link to your named pages on search terms. If you do this you will soon see many of them appear in the searches in there own right.

When linking into your site, spread the links across all your important pages and you will gain a lot more presence in terms of traffic from search terms.

Get a Free Lead Generation Site!

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